Is camera allowed in DakshinaChitra?

Is camera allowed in DakshinaChitra?

Yes allowed. over a year ago. I have used my mobile phone! No charges for mobile cameras.

Is DakshinaChitra open after Corona?

Dakshina Chitra is open to visitors on all weekdays, except Tuesdays, between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You may take a bus or a car from Parry’s Corner or Poonamalee to reach here. If you want to have a glimpse of the rich culture of South India, without any dilemma you should head straight to Dakshinachitra.

What is special in DakshinaChitra?

DakshinaChitra is an exciting cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India. The Museum is located overlooking the Bay of Bengal, at Muttukadu, twenty five kilometers south of Central Chennai, on the East Coast Road to Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India.

How long does it take to visit Dakshinachitra?

If you take time to read the information and wait patiently at Venom Extraction show, it should take about 4-5 hours, as we spent 4+ hours here! over a year ago. 3 hrs is sufficient.

Is there any way to pay for entry to DakshinaChitra Museum?

Payment options for entry ticket is cash and card. Keep the yellow ticket they give you, safely, until you complete the trip and leaving the museum for the day. There are stalls to buy souvenirs/food items, wherein some accept only cash and some even UPI. The restaurant inside the museum accept even card.

When is the best time to visit DakshinaChitra?

exchange programs for scholars and professionals. Timing: You can visit the Dakshinachitra between 10 am to 6 pm, six days a week. But it is closed on Tuesdays. So do not forget to visit such a wonderful site in Chennai once you land up in the city of Chennai. Entry fee for Indians : 100 Rs. Entry fee for Foreigners : 250 Rs.

Where is the DakshinaChitra Chitra in Chennai located?

It is project of Madras Craft Foundation an NGO, and is situated in Muttukadu, a 25 kilometer drive south of Central Chennai. It creates a unique platform for the individuals to indulge in various art forms of different countries.

When was Dakshinachitra, Chennai, Tamil Nadu inaugurated?

It shows you the amazing antiquities depicting the peculiarity of South India. It gives you a glimpse of art and craft, lifestyle, music and dance of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Inaugurated in 1996, Dakshinachitra of Chennai, has got the atmosphere that reflects a mirror of one of the ancient cultures of the world.