How much does it cost to build a R2-D2?

How much does it cost to build a R2-D2?

And the answer varies, depending on just how detailed and capable you want your droid to be, with the final price ranging from as little as $500 up to $10,000. “The average cost is a little over $5,000,” Franco said.

Can you buy a real R2-D2?

As discovered by GameSpot, the life-size R2-D2 replica is (unsurprisingly) the most expensive piece of merchandise in the entire park, setting someone back $25,000 should they wish to buy it. …

How much is a life sized R2-D2?

All this fanciness comes at a price. The collectible costs $7,450 (about £5,600, AU$9,700). The life-size droid won’t follow you around, beam holograms or stop a trash compactor from squishing you. It will, however, impress the heck out of your Star Wars-loving friends.

How tall is the full size R2D2?

R2D2 is about 43 inches tall and the body is about 18 inches in diameter (not counting the legs) Google image search is great! Here’s a site that I found very useful: (especially the Autocad.DXF files)*2003_Archives/9-September_2003

How to make a R2D2 low cost scratch built?

Hia and welcome to my R2D2 build that anyone can do with a bit of d.i.y skills and some free time. an idea on total cost. stanley knife, sander, dremel, and screwdrivers so dont be put off by the size of this build.

What kind of paint to use on R2D2?

After getting R2D2’s head smooth, I spray painted it a metallic silver. The spray paint is very silvery, but I later found that it’s not as durable as other spray paints, even removable tape leaves a mark on it. I laid out the design details and sprayed on the blue then carefully removed the tape when it was dry.

What kind of parts do I need for R2-D2?

I purchased the WORR Parts Super Frame. It’s solid aluminum and super nice. It comes with tons of accessories you’re going to need for mounting all kinds of other components such as the legs, speakers, circuit boards, etc. These center vents from WORR parts are the highest quality one’s you’ll find.