How much does Amazon pay drivers NJ?

How much does Amazon pay drivers NJ?

How much does a Driver make at in New Jersey? Average Driver hourly pay in New Jersey is approximately $14.77, which meets the national average.

How much do Amazon delivery drivers make?

Amazon Delivery Driver Salaries

Job Title Salary
Amazon Amazon Delivery Driver salaries – 190 salaries reported $16/hr
Amazon Amazon Delivery Driver salaries – 44 salaries reported $17/hr
Amazon Flex Amazon Delivery Driver salaries – 35 salaries reported $17/hr
Amazon Amazon Delivery Driver salaries – 8 salaries reported $17/hr

What qualifications do you need to be an Amazon delivery driver?

Amazon requires that Flex drivers be at least 21 years old, have a Social Security Number, have car insurance, have a valid driver’s license, pass a background check, have a bank account capable of receiving direct deposits, have a qualifying vehicle, and have a smartphone compatible with the Amazon Flex driver app.

How much do Amazon drivers make a week?

Amazon Driver Salary in California

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $73,732 $1,417
75th Percentile $40,798 $784
Average $43,066 $828
25th Percentile $31,459 $604

What are the best jobs in New Jersey?

Here’s a quick look at the top ten highest paying jobs in New Jersey: Surgeons. Orthodontists. Internists, General. Psychiatrists. Chief Executives. Family and General Practitioners.

Is Amazon hiring in New Jersey?

Amazon is hiring on the spot today, Aug. 2, for new employees to work in its New Jersey warehouses, dishing out a total of 1,500 jobs. The New Jersey hirings will be just one of many going on throughout the country as Amazon looks to further expand its footprint and reach an additional 100,000 new Amazon workers by the middle of 2018.

What are the seasonal jobs at Amazon?

Seasonal Job Opportunities at Amazon. Like permanent full-time and part-time employees, seasonal workers are eligible for benefits. Seasonal jobs and pay rates vary by location, but here are a few examples of what’s available. Fresh Associates fill grocery orders in chilly or downright freezing environments.

What are the hours of employment at Amazon?

You can choose how many hours you work through Amazon’s Reserve program. This means you can work anywhere between one and 30 hours per week. The average number of hours worked is 12. The rate is $10 an hour.