How much does a game analyst make?

How much does a game analyst make?

The salaries of Game Analysts in the US range from $42,598 to $63,898 , with a median salary of $53,248 . The middle 67% of Game Analysts makes $53,248, with the top 67% making $63,898.

Do gaming companies need data analysts?

In the modern world, it’s common nowadays that gaming companies know they need to use analytics, they instrument the events and track the actions, but integrating data into the workflow is surprisingly underused.

How do you become a game analyst?

There are no specific educational qualifications to become a video game analyst. Many complete certificate programs in video game design, or earn an associate or a bachelor’s degree in video graphics, computer science, and other software-centered fields.

What is the best job for a gamer?

What careers are in the gaming industry?

  1. Retail sales associate.
  2. Game tester.
  3. Technical support specialist.
  4. Artist.
  5. Animator.
  6. Audio engineer.
  7. Writer.
  8. Producer.

What do you do as a video game analyst?

Experience in the video game industry an asset. Work with game teams to determine their telemetry needs and… More… Our Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) team plays a critical role in providing strategic partnership to leaders across EA. More… Experience with game development or modding (scale doesn’t matter).

What kind of job does a data analyst have?

Work with data modelers, data analysts, and BI developers to understand requirements, develop ETL processes, validate results, and bring to production. More… The Data Engineer will facilitate the creation of data pipeline processes to move data from enterprise data sources such as relational databases and log files.

What can you do with video game data?

Analyze the many facets of the game economy, player engagement and monetization data at a macro and micro level. Model, simulate, and tune the game’s economy. More…