How good is the Tegra X1?

How good is the Tegra X1?

Tegra X1 is the most advanced mobile processor we’ve ever created, and it’s at the heart of the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV experience. It enables SHIELD to deliver performance that’s 13x better than Apple TV (2015), 3x better than Roku 4, and 8x better than Fire TV (2015).

How fast is Tegra X1?

Manufacturer NVIDIA
Architecture Maxwell
Pipelines 256 – unified
Core Speed 1000 MHz
Memory Speed 3200 MHz

What is Tegra K1?

The NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 series application processor is a revolutionary step in the world of mobile and embedded computing. Tegra K1 processors integrate a power optimized version of the same Kepler GPU architecture that powers the highest performing graphics cards and systems in the world.

What happened Tegra processor?

As Gamereactor reports, “a person familiar with the matter” has stated Nvidia will stop making the Tegra X1+, better known as the Tegra X1 Mariko system on a chip (SoC), at some point in 2021.

Is the Nvidia Tegra X1 based on the Maxwell architecture?

Please, switch off ad blockers and support us! The NVIDIA Tegra X1 Maxwell GPU is an integrated graphics card in the NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC for (mostly Android based) tablets. It is the successor of the Tegra K1 GPU and based on the Maxwell architecture.

What’s the difference between Tegra K1 and Maxwell?

By going mobile-first NVIDIA has been able to reap a few benefits. On the Tegra side in particular, mobile-first means that NVIDIA’s latest and greatest GPUs are appearing in SoCs earlier than ever before – the gap between Maxwell 1 and Tegra X1 is only roughly a year, versus nearly two years for Kepler in Tegra K1.

How much memory does a Tegra X1 have?

Benchmarks Model CPU GPU RAM Value Google Pixel C X1 Tegra X1 Maxwell GPU 3 GB 52816 Tegra X1 Reference Platform X1 Tegra X1 Maxwell GPU 57697 NVIDIA Shield Android TV X1 Tegra X1 Maxwell GPU 3 GB 57922

What kind of processor does the Tegra have?

The Tegra integrates an ARM architecture central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), northbridge, southbridge, and memory controller onto one package.