How does DDA draw work?

How does DDA draw work?

DDA draw of lots The computerised draw by the DDA, is based on the random number technique and takes place after the randomisation of applicants and flats, the picking of lucky numbers and the mapping of applicants and the flats.

How can apply DDA Housing Scheme 2021?

How to apply for DDA Housing Scheme 2021

  1. DDA Schemes: To select a scheme and fill the application form.
  2. AWAS Application: To view the application form and make payment online.
  3. My Payment: To view payment details.

When DDA housing scheme 2021 result will be declared?

DDA Housing Scheme 2021 last date was on 16 February 2021. Its a lottery draw Under which 1354 DDA flats will be allotted in sector 19 B Dwakra, Jasola and manglapuri. Result of lottery will be declared on Wednesday 10 March 2021 11am.

What is the DDA housing scheme?

The scheme was completely online, done through the newly-developed AWAAS software of the DDA, from the processing of the application to possession of flats. The last DDA housing scheme was launched in March 2019, offering nearly 18,000 flats under four categories — 488 (HIG), 1,555 (MIG), 8,383 (LIG) and 7,496 (EWS).

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