How do you use referee as a verb?

How do you use referee as a verb?

verb (used with object), ref·er·eed, ref·er·ee·ing. to preside over as referee; act as referee in. verb (used without object), ref·er·eed, ref·er·ee·ing. to act as referee.

What is the verb for referee?

refereed; refereeing. Definition of referee (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to conduct (a match or game) as referee. 2a : to arbitrate (something, such as a legal matter) as a judge or third party.

What is the verb of book?

booked; booking; books. Definition of book (Entry 3 of 3) transitive verb. 1a : to register (something, such as a name) for some future activity or condition (as to engage transportation or reserve lodgings) he was booked to sail on Monday. b : to schedule engagements for book the band for a week.

Is a book a noun or verb?

book (noun) book (verb) book (adjective) blue book (noun)

What does “refereed” mean?

ref•er•ee (ˌrɛf əˈri) n., v. -eed, -ee•ing. n. 1. a person to whom something is referred for decision or settlement. 2. a judge having functions fixed by the rules of a game or sport; umpire.

How is the word referee used in a sentence?

Use referee in a sentence. A basketball referee. noun. The definition of a referee is a person who mediates or resolves a dispute, or is a person in a sporting event who monitors the teams and makes sure all rules are followed.

Is there such a thing as a referee D?

Armour had never felt so nervous before; it was actually the first time he had referee d on a game. We can, and indeed do, print electronic journals, which are referee d on the network. He says yer referee d him out like a has-been, and never give him no chance to kick at de decision.

Who are the referees in a refereed journal?

In a refereed journal, decisions of that kind are made by what is usually described as ‘a distinguished international editorial board’. Our portfolios of refereed designs were not called for. Needless to say, the contributions were planned, designed, and refereed as in any other issue of the journal.