How do you reply to a comment on Tumblr mobile?

How do you reply to a comment on Tumblr mobile?

To reply to a post: Tap or click the speech bubble at the bottom of a post, say something nice in the box provided, and hit “Reply.” Your work here is done.

Can you comment on Tumblr mobile?

Tumblr does not support a native comment function for blogs. If you want to comment on Tumblr, use the third-party program by Disqus, which Tumblr recommends and is enabled on many available templates. If you want to leave a message about an individual post, you can leave a reply on a Tumblr post.

How do I turn on replies on Tumblr mobile?

To enable replies, go to “customize” on the dashboard, then on the top bar “community”, and check “allow replies from people you follow” and/or “allow replies from people following you for more than two weeks”.

How do you reply with a picture on Tumblr mobile?

How? When you’re writing a new post, click on the gear in the top right corner, and check “Let people photo reply” (just as you see in the first image).

What to do if someone replies to your Tumblr post?

The default setting is the top (“Most Inclusive”) one, but you’ve got some options: You can also delete a reply to your original post, report a reply to us, or block a particular Tumblr from replying to your original posts (they’ll still be able to reply to someone else’s reblog of your post, though).

How do you reply to a comment on Tumblr?

Navigate to the blog post. Go to the Tumblr blog you started following and find the blog post you wish to comment on. Click on the Reply icon. When available, the Reply icon should be located near the top of the post. It should look like a speech bubble and be positioned next to the Reblog (rotating arrows) icon.

How to manage and delete replies on Tumblr?

1 Click the Account icon on the dashboard. Next, click the gear-shaped Settings icon. 2 Click General Settings, and then click Replies. 3 Tap the Everyone Can Reply option under the username of the particular blog that you want to manage.

Why is my reply button not working on Tumblr?

In fact, replies are disabled by default; users need to specifically enable them in their settings before they can use this feature. For that reason, it is possible that the reply icon will be unavailable. Some blogs may use text action buttons instead of icon buttons.