How do you know if LLY is FE9?

How do you know if LLY is FE9?

They can be identified by the RPO code label inside the glove box. The group listings are as follows: FE9 is Federal Emissions. NE1 is Northeast Emissions this covers NY, VT, MA, or ME.

What does FE9 mean?

Federal Emissions
*VCL is a CFF (Clean Fuel Fleet) *FE9 is Federal Emissions. Depending on what RPO code your truck has it will respond differently to emissions related codes. the YF5, VCL, and NE1 codes will set a check engine light (CEL) and generally put you truck into a reduced power state.

What is a FE9 truck?

FE9 is a code, if its not listed anywhere on those stickers you dont have that option (which i believe is the code for federal emissions as opposed to cali emissions) 03 Chev CCLB. 500HP on STOCK trans/fuel/turbo oke[1]: built trans and lift pump coming soon!

What problems do LLY Duramaxs have?

The most common issues LLY owners encounter include decreased fuel mileage, overheating and poor turbo response. These symptoms result from the inlet mouthpiece of the Garrett turbocharger having to fit into a smaller engine space.

What kind of code does a fe9 Truck need?

In short, the FE9 trucks treat EGR system DTC’s as “non emissions” and simply stores a record of the fault with no corrective action. The NE1, YF5, and VCL trucks typically require 2 trips of the code and then trigger an SES light and some form of reduced performance.

Can a LLY fe9 truck ignore the SES light?

The LLY FE9 trucks can simply ignore them as there is generally no SES light or corrective action taken, only DTC’s store in the computer. The LBZ will set the same DTC’s, and will also typically set the annoying SES light.

Is the Duramax lly and LBZ the same engine?

The 2004.5 and 2005 Duramax LLY engines are physically identical. All 2006 LLY and LBZ along with the 2007 “Classic” body style trucks are identical within their own special group. For simplicity sake from here on out I will refer to these engines as two separate groups: LLY and LBZ. Remember that the 2006 LLY groups with the LBZ.

What’s the difference between NE1, yf5 and fe9?

FE9 is Federal Emissions NE1 is Northeast Emissions this covers NY, VT, MA, or ME YF5 is California Emissions VCL is a CFF (Clean Fuel Fleet) designation required to qualify for certain tax incentives Operational Differences: The key operational difference among these groups is how emission related DTC’s are processed.