How do I restore my Samsung Galaxy S to factory settings?

How do I restore my Samsung Galaxy S to factory settings?

How do I perform a factory reset on my Samsung Galaxy S?

  1. Back up all the media, text messages, etc that you wish to save. This can be done through Kies on your PC.
  2. Touch the Menu key on your device.
  3. Touch Settings.
  4. Touch Privacy.
  5. Touch Factory data reset.
  6. Touch Reset device.
  7. Touch Erase everything.

What does a hard reset do on Samsung?

A factory reset, also known as a hard reset or master reset, is an effective, last resort method of troubleshooting for mobile phones. It will restore your phone to its original factory settings, erasing all your data in the process.

How do you turn on a Samsung Galaxy S3?

Here is how you could turn the Samsung Galaxy S3 on and off. Press and hold on the Power button located on the right side of your Samsung Galaxy S3 for at least 3 seconds or until the screen lit up. Slide the screen upward with your finger to unlock the screen. If it requires a PIN, please enter that then tap OK.

How do I Reset my Galaxy Tab S3?

In your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 device, Go to Apps. Select Settings. Now Go to General Management. Select Factory data reset. Select Reset device. Now Select Erase Everything option to confirm the reset on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7. Just wait for some time. Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 will reboot.

How do I reset Samsung Gear S3?

1 From the Watch screen, press the Home button. 2 Touch Settings. 3 Scroll to and touch Gear info. 4 Scroll to and touch Reset Gear. 5 Touch the checkmark to confirm the reset, which will delete all downloaded apps and personal data.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 outdated?

The Galaxy S3 is a pretty outdated smartphone and even though there are rumors that the device will be getting Android 5.0 Lollipop in the end, it is in fact, unlikely.