How do I make felted puppy ears?

How do I make felted puppy ears?

  1. Super simple craft materials to make this scrap craft.
  2. Draw your ear shape onto your scrap felt.
  3. Place the headband on your kiddo and mark where you want the ears to go.
  4. Place some hot glue on the headband, and more along the edge of the felt before wrapping the fabric around the plastic and pressing together.

How do you make a dog collar for a costume?

To make the collar, measure around your child’s neck and add an inch. Cut a strip of felt about 1.5-2″ (I cut mine about 3″) high and as wide as your neck measurement. Also cut out the collar pieces included in the dog ear template. I used black for the collar piece, and gray for the tag.

Can you make a pet costume for Halloween?

There are so many adorable costume ideas to choose from. Even better, these pet costumes are budget friendly and easy to make. Your furry friend will be festive for Halloween and ready to go with these Halloween costumes. You will find the perfect pet costume for your dog.

How do you make felt ears for dogs?

Make sure each ear is a mirror image of the other. With scissors, cut ear embellishments out of each ear template and trace onto felt. Cut out two of each embellishment and affix them to each ear using the template as a guide for placement.

How do you attach headband to puppy ears?

Once ears are dry, use a hot-glue gun to attach ears to headband. To do this, line up top diagonal edge of each ear with the inside center line of the headband, with the wrong side of the ear against the inside of the headband.

What can I put on my Dog’s Collar for Halloween?

There are a variety of accessories you can add to your dog’s collar for Halloween. One idea is to make large Ty Beanie Baby tags using felt. This costume works best with dogs that are small, fluffy, and look like stuffed animals. This lightweight cupcake costume is such a cute conversation starter and uses only a few supplies to make.