How do I delete a search from my Facebook activity log?

How do I delete a search from my Facebook activity log?

How do I delete a search from my Facebook activity log?

  1. Click in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Activity Log.
  3. Click Logged Actions and Other Activity, below Activity Types.
  4. Click Search history.
  5. Click next to the search you want to delete, then click Delete.

How do I clear my search history on activity log?

At the top of your Activity Log, tap “Clear Searches” to instantly clear your history. You can also tap the X icon next to each search item to clear that specific search, and leave the rest.

What happens if I clear my activity log on Facebook?

When you delete something from activity log, it will be deleted from Facebook and can’t be restored. Move to Archive. When you move your content to your Archive, it’ll only be visible to you.

How do you delete friend History on Activity Log?

Open Activity Log on your Facebook. Block it. Block all removed friends by opening each profile. Use Google Chrome for fast process.

How to delete activity log in Facebook?

How To Delete All Your Facebook Activity: Step By Step Turn on your PC or Mac. The steps described below do only work on a PC or Mac. Use the Google Chrome Browser to Access Facebook. I tried several scripts to delete my Facebook activity. Log-In to your Facebook Account Using Chrome. Download the “Social Book Post Manager” Extension for Chrome. Navigate to Your “Activity Log”.

Where can I find my Facebook activity log?

Here’s how: Launch the Facebook app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. In the bottom menu, tap on More. Now tap on your name at the top in order to go to your profile. In the section with all the blocks containing your info (Friends, About, etc), scroll to the left all the way to the end. Now tap on Activity Log.

How do you delete activity log entries on Facebook?

Quick method to delete Facebook Activity Log: Go to Activity Log.. Click on More link (just under Photos, likes, comment) provided in the right section.. then click on Search option. You will see an option “Clear Searches”..

How do you search Facebook activity log?

On your phone, open the Facebook app. Now swipe and go to the section with three horizontal lines. Scroll down till you find the Activity Log on the list. Tap Activity Log. Tap Filter on the Activity Log screen. Scroll down the list and look for Search. Tap Search. Now, your Facebook Search history will be displayed in front of you.