Does Banksy have an official website?

Does Banksy have an official website?

For all enquiries, complaints, threats and hate mail visit

Where can Banksy’s work be found?

Must-See Banksy Street Art Around the World

  • Banksy Street Art.
  • ‘Falling Shopper’ – Bruton Street, London.
  • ‘Naked Man Hanging from Window’ – Park Street, Bristol, England.
  • ‘Rat with 3D Glasses’ – Egyptian Theatre, Park City, Utah.
  • ‘Man Offering Dog a Bone’ – Rue Victor Cousin, Paris.
  • ‘Sight-Seeing Rats’ – Pont Rouelle, Paris.

Can you write to Banksy?

If you’re thinking of writing in to ask Banksy to paint your sitting room or design your company logo – please don’t. If you’re thinking of writing in because you have privileged access to a secure facility that needs vandalising – please do.

How do you know it’s a real Banksy?

We don’t exactly know. Banksy is a famous – but anonymous – British graffiti artist. He keeps his identity a secret. Although a lot of his art is produced in public places, he usually only reveals it’s his after it has appeared on his social media.

Who is Banksy and what does he do?

A Mythical character of the graffiti scene… The mythical character of the graffiti scene, Banksy is identified as a troubadour of modern times. Renowned committed artist, no social fact resists him since he is incisive and mind-blowing in his art.

Where did Banksy get his street art from?

Despite his ability to break the rules, he remains to this day a mystery since his true identity has never been revealed. In all likelihood, Banksy is a Street art graffiti artist from Bristol, England.

Is it true that Banksy exhibitions are consensual?

Members of the public should be aware there has been a recent spate of Banksy exhibitions none of which are consensual. They‘ve been organised entirely without the artist’s knowledge or involvement. Please treat them accordingly.