Do you need a car on Mljet?

Do you need a car on Mljet?

The island of Mljet is situated near Dubrovnik, in a group of southern Dalmatian islands, and National Park Mljet covers his north western part. You can also choose the ferry which dock in Sobra (the main port on the island) but from here you will need a car to come to National Park.

Can you stay on Mljet?

Lying off the coast of the Peljesac peninsula, Mljet is an easy day trip from Dubrovnik during the summer when ferries are frequent and easily accessible for an overnight stay year round. The seaside villages of Pomena, Polace, Sobra and Saplunara attract the most visitors.

Can you swim in Mljet Lakes?

Yes, you can swim in the smaller of the two lakes at the crossing point between the two.

How long is Mljet island?

37 kilometres
Mljet lies south of the Pelješac peninsula, from which it is divided by the Mljet Channel. Its length is 37 kilometres (23 mi); its average breadth 3.2 kilometres (2.0 mi). It is of volcanic origin, with numerous chasms and gorges, of which the longest, the Babino Polje, connects the north and south of the island.

Is there a National Park on Mljet island?

Mljet National Park covers the entire north-west part of Mljet Island see the map below. Mljet National Park is a large area that borders two saltwater lakes – Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake). The Lakes stretch for about 4 kilometres.

Do you have to pay to enter Mljet National Park?

Although there is no official entrance to the National Park as such, visitors are expected to pay for the entrance (buy your ticket at a kiosk in Polače or Pomena. Info brochures and leaflets, as well as maps of the Park, are available in both kiosks.

When do tickets go on sale for NP Mljet?

Dear visitors, enjoy the natural and cultural values of NP Mljet from May 15th till May 31st 2021 with promotional ticket prices of HRK 50.00 for adults and HRK 30.00 for children and students! By purchasing a ticket through the webshop, visitors receive an additional discount on tickets so the…

Which is the best way to visit Mljet?

Entrance ticket includes walking and biking around the park, visit with boat to the the little isle of St. Mary in the Great lake! Visitors can enter the Park only through official entrances of the National Park Mljet: Crna Klada, Pomena and Polače. The settlements of Pomena and Polače are connected to the lakes by a system of forest paths.