Do DCC veterans have to audition every year?

Do DCC veterans have to audition every year?

Returning Veterans Must Re-Audition Many Cowboys fans are surprised that DCC must re-audition every year. The good news for returning veterans is that they skip to Round 3/Finals. All the judges (and contestants) love Round 3 morning session: solo routines!

Can you only be a DCC for 5 years?

There was another trio that stuck around for 6 years. They are Judy London, Trisha Trevino and Pennie Booker. As for women who lasted exactly 5 years as a DCC, well, there are over 30 of them which is a tall feat considering they had to re-audition every year.

Do DCC get to keep their uniforms?

Football players may get their uniforms laundered on-site, but not so for the cheerleaders! β€œIt’s gotten a little trickier since we added crystals to the stars,” says Finglass. But now the stars sit on a velcro base, so they’re removable.

How much do you have to weigh to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader?

As a potential candidate, you should be at least 18 years old during the preliminaries. You should also be a high school graduate or have a GED. Again, it’s important that you’re able to attend all rehearsals. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have no specific height and weight requirements.

How many cheerleaders are in DCC show group?

What is Show Group? The DCC Show Group showcases the advanced dance techniques and vocal skills of an elite group of 12 Cheerleaders in a fully choreographed musical variety extravaganza.

When does DCC training camp for the Dallas Cowboys start?

The DCC Training Camp Candidates will be selected from participants in the Finals. Each day will begin at 8:00am. DO NOT BE LATE! Plan on spending the whole day. Detailed information will be handed out to you each day at registration, but here is a brief overview:

Where can I get cheerleader attire for the Dallas Cowboys?

Audition attire can be found in dance wear stores, or ordered online. Link to a company we recommend here: Use promo code: COWBOYS for 10% off! What does it take to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader? Our judges will focus on the following: What are Prep Classes?

How long does it take to exchange a Dallas cowboy costume?

2 Piece costume includes tie front crop top with attached long sleeve jacket and hot shorts with stars pattern on the belt. Return or exchange within 30 days from the delivered date. 1. Items received within 30 days from the delivered date.