Did the Mayan calendar predict the end?

Did the Mayan calendar predict the end?

A CONSPIRACY theorist claims that the ancient Mayan civilization has predicted that the world will end this week. The bizarre claim is a follow on from the theory that the world was supposed to end in 2012 when the Mayan calendar finished. 2. The Mayans predicted the world would end in 2020. The unfolding of events in 2020, from climate change to a viral pandemic to race protests, has led many to think that the end is nigh.

What were the Mayans predictions?


  • HUMAN WILL Transform INTO SPIRITUAL FORM: A phosphorescent will be directed to the earth from the centre of the galaxy.
  • A COMET WILL APPEAR: One of the biggest predictions of the Mayan is that a comet (A lightening ball) will appear in the galaxy will shoot towards the earth;
  • When did Mayan calendar end?

    That the long count Mayan calendar ends in 2021 – on December 21st to be exact. However, that is just the problem: some people do not agree that that date is, in fact, exact. No one is saying that the calendar does not end after 5126 years, but they call into question the dating of the calendar and therefore its predictions on 2021 .

    What was the Mayan apocalypse?

    The Mayan apocalypse was supposed to reverberate around the world from a Mexican pyramid in the Chichen Itza temple complex in Yucatan at 11.30pm London time on the 21st.

    When did the Mayan calendar end?

    As a result, several media reports said the actual date the Maya calendar ends is June 21, 2020. The original date the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar was supposed to come to an end was December…

    What is the Mayan prophecy?

    The Mayan prophecy is essentially about evolution, and the start of a new level of consciousness. It does not have to be anything dark or fear-based, unless you make it that way. The best thing to do is to take the remaining time and reflect on how you can create a positive effect for your life,…