Can you use a universal remote on a Polk soundbar?

Can you use a universal remote on a Polk soundbar?

Every Polk Audio soundbar comes with its remote control that works perfectly in tune with the soundbar. But, if you’ve lost your soundbar remote control or have placed it somewhere and cannot find it, you can always opt for a universal remote control.

Why does my Polk Remote not work?

Remote is not Responding If the remote works, there was a glitch in the remote that was cleared when you discharged the remote. If the remote does not work, replace the batteries in the remote. If all else fails, change signal transmitter inside the remote control.

How do I reset my Polk Audio Surroundbar?

To reset your device, press and hold the button “Microphone Mute” and “Volume Down” on the top of the product for at least 10 seconds. After this, all settings of the Bar are erased.

Is there a remote control for Polk surround bar?

. Remote Control for Polk Audio Surroundbar Sound bar RE15031 6000IHT IHT6000 5000IHT SB4000 4000IHT 3000IHT IHT3000 RE13052 RE13051 RE12081 Magnifi 1 ONE Omni SB1 RE8112-1 RE81121 RTRE81121 w/Battery . Usually ships within 2 to 3 days.

Is the Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 instant home theater powered?

Instant Home Theater (IHT): The Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 Instant Home Theater (IHT) is a complete 2.1-channel home theater system comprised of a single self-powered speaker, a wireless powered subwoofer, and an IR remote control.

How much does a Polk surround bar cost?

Surroundbar One Step SURROUNDBAR 5000IHT 6000IHT 6000 IHT6000 3000IHT IHT3000 SB4000 Soundbar 4000 Soundbar4000 4000IHT IHT4000 RE13052 RE12081 Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Why did I buy a new Polk remote?

Fits My Needs Well! I bought this replacement remote for my Polk Audio Surrondbar 3000 because the original remote spent more time not working than working. The ad for this product says that it will work just by pressing the ON button. This was the not the case for me…as nothing happened when I did that.