Can you snorkel at Hayman Island?

Can you snorkel at Hayman Island?

Enjoy a half day snorkelling experience in a breathtaking inner reef location close to Hayman Island. On this bespoke inner reef guided snorkel tour you will sight an abundance of tropical fish species, colourful coral reefs, a variety of sea stars, sea cucumbers & urchins, giant clams and turtles.

Can you snorkel off the beach at Hayman Island?

Blue Pearl Bay, Hayman Island Hayman has enough snorkelling options to keep you in the water all day long. Discover more Great Barrier Reef Islands where you can snorkel right off the shore.

How far is Hayman Island to a reef?

33 kilometres
The resort is the ultimate island getaway to help you relax and unwind in style. Hayman Island is situated 33 kilometres east of the Queensland coast in the Great Barrier Reef.

What happened to one and only Hayman Island?

The One & Only on Hayman Island experienced crushing damage during Cyclone Debbie, so the resort is closed for renovations and repairs until 2018—devastating to us, as its’ otherworldly sunsets and unfettered access to the Great Barrier Reef make it one of our favorite destinations anywhere.

Where to go for honeymoon on Hayman Island?

Lying in the stunning Whitsunday Passage, Hayman is a magnificent private island resort – one island, one resort – offering couples a magical experience for a honeymoon or romantic getaway.

How to book a flight to Hayman Island?

After your direct flight from one of Australia’s major capital cities to Hamilton Island, onward travel by boat, helicopter, or private charter is required to reach Hayman Island. To book your transfer or make an enquiry, please reach out to our reservations team on +61 7 5501 9992 or [email protected]

What to do on Hayman Island in Australia?

Indulge in Under the Stars dining on Hayman Beach, secluded Gourmet Picnics in idyllic beach locations, private poolside cabana lunches, intimate private dining rooms and more.. Australia’s most iconic private island resort redefines luxury entertaining whether it be small meetings of 10 or large sole-use conferences for 300.

Is the Hayman Island Resort in the Great Barrier Reef?

A new era of immersive luxury in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. InterContinental Hayman Island Resort will immerse you in the breathtaking beauty of the Whitsundays, iconic private island experiences and sacred moments of connection with your family, friends and yourself.