Can morning after pill Delay second period?

Can morning after pill Delay second period?

The morning-after pill can cause your next period to be: A few days to a week early. A few days to a week late. Heavier than normal.

Can you miss a period after taking Levonelle?

Can the morning after pill make your period late? Most people will still have their normal period others may find that their period is a few days later than usual after taking emergency contraception.

Can levonelle mess up your cycle?

“The “morning after pill” can disrupt your periods. Your next period may be heavier or lighter and it may come earlier or later than expected.” Like most medications, the morning after pill can cause side effects in some women.

Can morning after pill cause missed period?

Getting your period after taking emergency contraception (EC) is a sign that you’re not pregnant. It’s also normal for your period to be heavier or lighter, or earlier or later than usual after taking EC. If you take the morning-after pill frequently, it can make your period irregular.

When to take the emergency pill after Levonelle?

You may need to take the emergency pill if you: If you have taken Levonelle, then you should: take your next contraceptive pill, apply a new patch or insert a new ring within 12 hours of taking the emergency pill You should then continue taking your regular contraceptive pill as normal.

What should I do if I get my period early from Levonelle?

Levonelle or ellaOne can make your period earlier or later than usual. If you’re sick (vomit) within two hours of taking Levonelle, or three hours of taking ellaOne, seek medical advice as you will need to take another dose or have an IUD fitted. If you use the IUD as emergency contraception, it can be left in as your regular contraceptive method.

Can you take Levonelle and EllaOne at the same time?

ellaOne cannot be used if you are already taking one of these medicines, as it may not be effective. Levonelle may still be used, but the dose may need to be increased – your doctor or pharmacist can advise on this. There should be no interaction between the emergency pill and most antibiotics.

Why is my period 6 weeks late after taking the morning after pill?

I’m posting here because I had a fling which resulted in a split condom and then the morning after pill (thank God for Teso pharmacy on a Sunday morning). It is now six weeks later, and she still has not had her period. However, a test done at four weeks was negative.