Can its a Toon World be destroyed?

Can its a Toon World be destroyed?

“Toon World”, if destroyed, will destroy all Toon Monsters on the field as well. If it’s sent to your Graveyard, or to your hand, without being destroyed, the Toons will remain on the field, free to attack your opponents Life Points (but Class C Toons will no longer be able to attack directly).

Can Toon Table of Contents search itself?

Since this card can search copies of itself or other “Toon” cards, it is ideal for use in Deck thinning.

How do you protect Toon Kingdom?

You can protect this card using “Toon Bookmark”, “Field Barrier” or “Magic Reflector”.

Do you have to sacrifice for Toon monsters?

But you can Tribute any monster, you do not have to Tribute a Toon Monster. If either player’s “Toon World” is destroyed, all Toons controlled by both players are destroyed.

Are Toons special summoned?

Toon monsters can also be Special Summon Monsters.

What can Toon Table of Contents search?

This card can be searched by “Dark Sage”, “Ancient Gear Drill”, “Alchemic Magician”, “Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch”, “Mythical Bestiamorph”, “Cyberse Clock Dragon”, “Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic”, “Left Arm Offering”, “Toon Dark Magician” and another copy of itself.

Is Toon Kingdom a field spell?

A powerful replacement for Toon World, it’s a new Field Spell that counts as “Toon World” while it’s active. Since Toon Kingdom’s a proper Field Spell instead of a Continuous Spell like Toon World, you can search it from your Deck with Toon Table of Contents or Terraforming.

Is toon world a field card?

The reason this card isn’t a Field Spell Card despite its name and appearance is because this card came out before Master Rule 3, where two Field Spells can exist on the field, and because most Toon monsters are destroyed if this card is also destroyed, making this card a Field Spell would have made it much easier to …

How do you destroy Toon Kingdom?

At this time, only “Toon Kingdom” is destroyed by the effect of “Mirror Force Dragon”, but since a Toon World on your field was destroyed, “Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon” is subsequently destroyed by its own effect.

Can I summon toons without Toon World?

Toon monsters exist as separate cards than their non-Toon counterpart, with whom they share no direct in-game relationship. They are capable of attacking the opponent directly and while they benefit from the card “Toon World”, they can be used without it.

Does Toon alligator a Toon monster?

While it is a “Toon” monster and is a member of the archetype, it is not a Toon Monster Card (the card type), which means it cannot be protected by “Toon Kingdom”, be searched by “Toon Bookmark”, nor Summoned by “Red-Eyes Toon Dragon” or “Toon Dark Magician” (but it can be discarded for the effect of the latter).