Can I change my mango ticket?

Can I change my mango ticket?

Yes, as a Mango Guest, it is possible to amend your flight details via our Mango Website or the Mango Mobi-App. Please note that each booking amendment carries an administration fee. The cost is in addition to applicable fare changes.

How do I change my mango booking?

The Mango App has a manage travel tab that allows you to view your booking, change it or pay for it. You can also change the name on the travel details, add extras and change your car reservation. All you need to do is enter your booking reference number and date of birth, then you’re good to go.

How do I change my flight date on Mango?

Date changes can be done via the Mango Website or Call Centre. Only the change fee will be waived, the difference in fare will be charged.

Can I change my flight because of Covid?

You can cancel your trip for any reason (even if you’ve checked in online) until airport check-in opens for that flight. You can buy it to cover your whole booking or just one flight if you’re certain about the rest.

What happens if I Change my mango ticket?

MangoPlus and MangoFlex members will not incur any administration fees for changes to their name, date or flight details. Click here to change your booking. What economy fares does Mango offer? To see what fare bundles Mango offers, please click here. If my flight is cancelled, can I book another airline?

Can You Change Your Name on a Mango flight?

Yes, name changes are permitted on Mango flights. Click here to change a name. If my Mango flight has been cancelled because of bad weather or strike action, can I change my booking to another day?

How do I change the price of my Delta Flight?

Once you have selected “Start Flight Change,” you can choose the flights you would like to change and view new flight options. The value of the original flight will be applied to the cost of the new ticket. You will see this credit reflected in the final price before you complete the change and view your confirmation.

Can a credit voucher be used on a Mango flight?

A credit voucher may only be used on Mango flights by the Guest named on it during the validity period. Any difference between the credit voucher value and the fare for the new booking must be paid by the Guest. How can I change my booking? A list of fees charged to change bookings can be found here.