Are new Garbage Pail Kid cards worth anything?

Are new Garbage Pail Kid cards worth anything?

What Garbage Pail Kids Cards are Worth Money? Almost all of them are worth money, especially the cards from the 1985 Series 1 set. Some might be worth more than others, although many of those cards from Series 1 will be worth at least several hundred dollars.

How much is Nasty Nick worth?

Nasty Nick #1a

Date Price Cert
7/5/2021 $152.50 49315475
6/28/2021 $360.00 47670749
6/27/2021 $109.50 49968467
6/27/2021 $2,315.00 21817656

How many different Garbage Pail Kid cards are there?

And I tried to put love into the paintings.” The care with which these outlandish cards were created was appreciated by consumers. Fifteen different series of Garbage Pail Kids were produced between 1985 and 1988.

What is a garbage pail?

Launched in 1985, Garbage Pail Kids were originally designed to parody Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, with each character suffering from some sort of abnormality or being put in a violent or vulgar scenario. The series has since expanded to skewer different pop culture topics.

Are there any Garbage Pail Kids worth money?

GARBAGE PAIL KIDS CARDS WORTH MONEY – MOST VALUABLE CARDS!! – YouTube These are rare Garbage Pail Kids Cards worth money. Search for these Valuable Cards at flea markets, yard sales and garage sales. Your childhood toys could b…

How many cards are in Topps Garbage Pail Kids?

2021 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight EXCLUSIVE Factory Sealed REFRIGERATOR TIN with 83 Cards Including (3) CELEBRITY CHEFS STICKERS! Look for Autos, Sketch Cards, Printing Plates & More! WOWZZER! . . Funko Garbage Pail Kids: POP! Garbage Pail Kids Collectors Set – Jay Decay, Ali Gator, Leaky Lindsay, Split Kit .

Who is the designer of the Garbage Pail Kids cards?

Who knows what Art Spiegelman was thinking (by the way, Art Spiegelman was one of the leading designers for Garbage Pail Kids cards, along with other artists, of course that worked for Topps). In comparison with most other Garbage Pail Kids cards, this one was not as clear-cut as some others were in terms of their names.

How to figure out centering of Garbage Pail Kids card?

You can figure out the centering of a Garbage Pail Kids card by measuring the white border width of the card on left and right sides. Add those two values together and then divide one value by the total, multiply by 100, and round to the nearest integer.